Michael Topper

Michael is married to Sally, and is the proud father of Courtney and Madison.

He is a Chartered Accountant and has an MBA in International Business and Marketing.

Michael is a Director and Co-Founder of AstuteWheel.

He is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Priority Advisory Group.

Michael has over 25 years of marketing, sales, accounting and general management experience in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

He has held senior positions in the airline industry, marketing, broadcasting, financial services and accounting.
  • Director of Marketing,  Air New Zealand (Australia)
  • General Manager,  Pinpoint Marketing
  • Marketing Consultant, Genesys Wealth Advisers
  • Finance Manager,  Radio and TV
  • Chartered Accountant,  KPMG
Michael’s Clients have included companies like:
  • Qantas
  • Westpac
  • Dymocks Booksellers
  • Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API)
  • Guardian Pharmacies.
He helps financial planning business owners make more money through the development and implementation of strategic business and marketing plans; and implementing the AstuteWheel – Client Engagement Platform in their business.

He a keen fisherman and hunter…and one of the few people who is happy to get mud on the 4WD.


Recent News

09 June 2016
Leading client engagement platform AstuteWheel today launched Astute Estate Planner at a media event hosted at fintech hub Stone & Chalk.
09 June 2016
Adviser platform AstuteWheel has launched its Astute Estate Planner service, which enables rapid implementation of the estate planning process.
10 June 2016
Financial technology firm Astute Wheel has launched an estate-planning solution aimed at removing friction from advisers’ interactions with clients and providing them with a tangible estate plan tool.
10 June 2016
Fintech company AstuteWheel has released a stand-alone software tool that will enable advisers to facilitate their component of the estate planning process in under one hour.
07 April 2014
Financial services firm Astute Wealth has developed a series of estate planning solutions that allow financial advisers to provide clients with a tangible estate plan.
14 April 2014
Financial planners can now provide clients with a tangible estate plan in the time it takes to deliver a client review, according to Hans Egger, co-creator of the AstuteWheel Estate Planning suite of tools.  
06 May 2014
Many financial planners put estate planning in the “too hard basket” and simply tell their clients to put a will or a power of attorney in place, says the co-creator of a client engagement platform.
11 January 2017
By introducing estate planning to your offering, you can add value to the client discussion process in a way an insurance provider simply can't.
15 June 2015
The kids have all finished school, the mortgage paid off, there’s plenty of money in the super fund and your client is either approaching retirement or already retired. As Financial Planners, over many years we have provided them financial guidance and they pay us well – these are the clients we love!
15 June 2015
Estate Planning is, in many cases, treated by financial planners as an afterthought… a couple of questions about whether the client has a Will or Power of Attorney and if not, then a cut and paste addition to the SOA advising the client to see a solicitor and get the documents in place. This pointless exercise is repeated year after year and apparently makes us compliant. It adds little to the client /planner relationship and it is usually deemed all too hard and not particularly lucrative.
01 February 2017
What currently sets you apart from every other financial planner in Australia? If your answer is “probably not that much”, it’s time you consider facilitating estate planning.
10 June 2016
Client engagement platform, AstuteWheel, has launched its Astute Estate Planner at a media event at Sydney fintech hub, Stone & Chalk.
02 May 2014
On this week’s Wealth Professional TV, Hans Egger, founder and creator of the Astute Wheel explains how new software will help engage clients with the importance of the estate planning process.
22 June 2016
Risk advisers are facing multiple threats to their businesses. Numerous industry reviews have led to lower upfront revenue, clawback provisions and increased education requirements. Competition from the direct market is also affecting the risk adviser’s bottom line and many may be considering leaving the industry.