How it works

This 12 minute video explores in greater detail the tools within Astute Estate Planner and how intuitive they are to use.

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As a Professional Adviser I’m well qualified and have a good understanding of Estate Planning.

I know how important it is for my clients, but every year I have to re-explain why Estate Planning is such a vital part of their overall financial plan.

But it’s all too hard and my clients rarely take action.

I have been looking for a simple and practical solution to make Estate Planning a key part of my service. I always hoped something like this would come along. and now its here.

Now I can use Astute Estate Planning software in my business.

But its more than just software.

To start the process I send a Video email to my clients asking them to read the Estate Planning Guide and provide considered responses to some tough questions; and complete the Online Estate Planning Questionnaire.

During the meeting I upload this information into the software which pre-populates the tool with all their assets and liabilities, saving us a lot of time.

We enter the details of any trusts, companies and superannuation funds.

We build the family tree to identify all the relevant parties in the estate; who they are; their relationships; and if they have children.

It caters for complex situations like blended families.

The Snapshot page is auto-generated and visually illustrates who ultimately owns, and controls each of the assets and liabilities. It also helps me explain which Estate Assets flow through the will; and identifies Non-Estate Assets that need to be dealt with separately.

Now I can capture the clients’ wishes regarding their lifetime arrangements and after-life objectives.

Here we highlight any potential issues and threats to the estate which need to be considered.

The structure page diagrams bring it all together so I can explain even the most complex scenarios, simply. I can show what happens if he dies, she dies; or they both die.

Assets that flow through the estate are clearly identified on the left hand side.

Superannuation assets can be managed through binding nominations.

Testamentary trusts can be discussed.

And any non-estate assets can be identified for consideration.

The thing that I like best about the system is how it generates a Briefing Document that captures all relevant information and visuals and becomes the basis of the discussion for the client and the solicitor.

ASTUTE ESTATE PLANNING is a structured approach that delivers Better Advice to More Clients.

At its core is a powerful software system that provides advisers with an elegantly simple process to fulfill their client’s estate planning needs.

Advisers can now follow a comprehensive but simple process that ensures clients actually get their Estate Planning in place…. and the advisers get paid.

Frequent Q&A

What ongoing training is provided?
We provide the following training once you have subscribed
  1. Training videos
  2. Case studies
  3. User forum training – in major cities every 6 months
  4. One day Workshop - at a cost (run by Estate Planning lawyers)
  5. Webinars
Can I use the system when I’m offline?
No the system is totally web based and so you need to have access to the internet to use it.
Can I use the system on a tablet (ipad)?
Whilst you can use the system on a tablet it was designed for use on a laptop or on a screen in a meeting room. Tablets have limitations in using CSV files, xml files and creating documents.
Is there a minimum subscription time?
Yes there is a 12 month minimum subscription time, after that you can cancel with three months’ notice.
Am I able to save information as I go through the process?
Yes we encourage you to save your information as you prepare for and progress through the client meeting.
Can I purchase 1 licence for everyone in the business to use?
No - we licence individual users and the client facing pages clearly identify that user, any misuse of the licence could lead to the suspension of your licence and or legal action.
Does this system integrate with my CRM?
No – The system doesn’t integrate with any CRM at this stage.
Does this system integrate with any online estate planning lawyers?
Yes – we currently integrate with:
  1. Yodal will be going online soon
  2. View legal -
  3. Weekly webinar training and click through to enquires page Training Pages (front and back) to be added. Details to follow.